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What to do with your tax refund?

It is that time of year where many potential homeowners will be expecting a tax refund from the IRS.  We all work long and hard all year and it is always fun to see that you have a couple thousand dollars coming back in the form of an IRS Tax Refund! 

So, what to do with the refund?  How about you add that to the few thousand dollars that you have in savings and buy a house! 

Did you know that just last month Fannie Mae came out with a 3% down, 1st Time Home Buyer Program? 

If you are looking to get into your first home, you may be closer than you think!  With a down payment of only $5,400, you could be moving into a $180,000 home within 30-40 days. This is an amazing opportunity to make an investment into your future and put your tax refund dollars to work.

Rates couldn’t be better either! We just locked a buyer at 3.875% on a 30 year fixed. Call or email us today and we help you make a wise real estate decision. Remember, when your 2014 tax refund shows up in the mail…you may just be ready to buy your first home!

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