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Weekend Projects to Bring TOP Dollar

Good old fashioned elbow grease might help you get thousands of dollars out of your house! So before spring turns into summer,  here are a few lucrative weekend projects that could land you THOUSANDS MORE!

  1. DECLUTTER – you hear it over and over again, “Declutter before you sell.” People may not be as imaginative as you are and when you clear out your personal items they can envision themselves living there. It also makes your space seem larger and subconsciously it means there is plenty of storage space. Professionals say that it can add nearly $2000 to your home’s value.
  2. PAINT – If your home has personalized BOLD colors, neutralize them with a fresh coat of paint. It’s inexpensive and can add 2-5% to your bottom line. Want to make a bigger impact, color psychologists (yes that’s a real thing) found your front door can bring in big money! Zillow found that on average, houses with black or charcoal gray front doors sold for as much as $6,271 more than expected.
  3. WEED IT or WEEP – Of course, you’ve heard of curb appeal, but did you know that a weed-free yard can increase your home value by 5-20%? Don’t forget to mow and edge your lawn regularly while your home is on the market, it makes a major impact.
  4. TECH TIP – A lot of people love gadgets, and that includes potential home buyers. Skip the big ticket items look for smart locks that work with a touch code or via Bluetooth technology, security systems including wireless cameras and doorbell cams that can be monitored via your cell phone. Lastly make sure you have good outdoor motion lights that can also be monitored via cell phones.
  5. SMELLING GOOD – This is the least expensive touch up before you sell. How does your home smell during a showing….because it matters. In a 2016 experiment conducted by, 44 home buyers were split into groups to tour the same home infused with various scents: brownies, hot bread, freshly made coffee, citrus, and dirty socks. The results showed that the aroma of citrus can boost buyers PRECEIVED value of a home by $100,000! However, skip over the room sprays and chemicals and use citrus essential oils and diffusers.

Just one weekend’s worth of work and you might get an extra boost in your budget for your next home! Contact Northwest Home Team Realty to find even more tips to getting the most for your home. And as always, we promise to sell your home in 60 days or less. You can start right here by finding out home much your home is worth! 

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