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    Washington’s 4 Phase COVID plan and Real Estate

    Phase 1 — expected to begin in early May


    What’s allowed:


    Some outdoor recreation (hunting, fishing, golf, boating, hiking). Note that camping is still not allowed and state campsites remain closed.

    “Drive-in” spiritual services with one household per vehicle

    Only essential travel

    Essential businesses

    Existing construction that meets agreed-upon criteria


    Car sales

    Retail — only curbside pickup.

    Car washes

    Pet walkers



    Phase 2 — earliest expected date based on current data trends: May 25


    What will be allowed:


    All outdoor recreation involving fewer than five people outside your household. Camping and beaches are expected to reopen.

    Gatherings with no more than five people outside your household

    Limited nonessential travel within proximity of home

    All remaining manufacturing businesses

    New construction

    In home/domestic services such as nannies, house cleaning

    Retail — in-store purchases allowed with some restrictions.

    Real estate

    Office-based businesses. Telework remains strongly encouraged.

    Barbers, hair and nail salons

    Restaurants — must operate at under 50% capacity, with table sizes capped at parties of five.



    Phase 3 — earliest expected date based on current data trends: June 15


    What will be allowed:


    Outdoor group recreational sports activities — capped at groups of 50 people.

    Recreational facilities such as public pools — operating at less than 50% capacity

    All gatherings capped at 50 people

    Nonessential travel can resume

    Restaurants can operate at up to 75% capacity, with table sizes capped at parties of 10

    Bars at under 25% capacity

    Indoor gyms at under 50% capacity

    Movie theaters at under 50% capacity

    Government offices open. Telework remains strongly encouraged.



    All other businesses other than nightclubs and events with more than 50 people.



    Phase 4 — earliest expected date based on current data trends: July 6


    What will be allowed:


    Public interactions will be allowed to resume, though physical distancing should still be observed.

    All recreational activity can resume

    Gatherings of more than 50 people can resume


    Concert venues

    Large sporting events


    Social distancing and good hygiene habits must continue.

    For parents already weary from weeks of juggling work with home-schooling their children, the governor offered this hopeful note: “There’s a very good chance schools will reopen in the fall. I’m very hopeful that is the case,” Inslee said. “What we do in the next several weeks will have a large impact on that decision.”


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