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US News & World report confirms what we, at Northwest Home Team Realty has known all along, Washington State is the number one state to live in the ENTIRE country! For the last three years, they have been compiling data from more than 70 metrics and thousands of data points to create eight main categories, including health care, education, economy and infrastructure, and how the states ranked within them. It also adjusted the quality-of-life factor to a natural environment category, which incorporated the quality of drinking water and pollution. The adjustment was made as part of the outlet’s mission to measure government performance by evaluating policy areas that state governments can influence. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

“This confirms what we in Washington have always known, that our state is great for businesses, workers and investments, coupled with natural beauty and innovative, creative people,” Governor Jay Inslee of Washington said in a statement.

Furthermore, Olympia has been listed in the top 15 cities in Washington to call home…even edging out Seattle and luxury neighborhoods like Mercer Island!  According to this online source,

“With a population of just about 50,000, the city based in Thurston County will appeal to anyone looking for an affordable place to live in the state of Washington. The median homes are valued at $242,100 on average.

What else makes Olympia an appealing proposition is the presence of parks and forest reserves that are more than enough for the small population. The city is absolutely crammed with them.”

What does this mean for the real estate market? People will be wanting to move to this area and that means they need to find housing…. Overall, the best bet is to find out what your home is worth right now or start looking for your home before everyone flocks to us!

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