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Tumwater Brewhouse

If you have spent any time in the Olympia area there is little doubt that you haven’t noticed the historical Olympia Brew House perched on the edge of the Deschutes River and Capital Lake! In fact, it is so iconic that Tumwater real estate startup, Northwest Home Team Realty, uses its image as a major part of their branding. Brian Kaz captured this breath-taking image and you can visit his web site and see more of his beautiful images.

For decades the Old Brewery has inspired photographers and the imagination of entrepreneurs in the area. The future of the brewhouse has sparked numerous rumors and stories from a high end steak house, to a museum and hotel, to artist studios/colony, to returning the function back to a microbrew version of the original Olympia Beer! For a look inside the complex today and to see more images like this abandon window filled with ivy, read this blog, ABANDONED.

Recently, Thurston Talk, a local online news source reported that there is a 6.5 million dollar rehab project underway to ensure that the historic building built by the Schmidt family in 1905 will stand another 100 years. Read the entire story here.

If you, like many folks native to the area, are curious about the history and seeing what the building is currently like, watch a video tour and historical insights in the video below.


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