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Springtime Spruce Up: Outdoors

main photoSpring has officially sprung and with temperatures warming up, it’s time to get outside and get the outside of your home in tip top shape. Here are 5 easy ways to spruce up your home’s curb appea for spring and before summer arrives:

Pressure Wash  

Over the winter, especially in such a wet climate like the PNW, mold, mildew, and mud likes to hang out and get comfortable on the exterior of your house. Pressure washing your house will not only make your house look new, but it helps preserve the integrity of the siding and the home’s paint job.

Also, be sure to pressure wash driveways, patios, and any decking. It will make the concrete look new and prepare the wood decking for a fresh coat of stain/sealant.

Pull Weeds 

Once weeds start sprouting, it’s hard to get them to slow down. Be sure to get on top of them as soon as possible and pull weeds from any garden, rock, or flower beds. Using a tool like this one, can help the task at hand move much faster. If you’d like to keep them from growing back, try using a product like, Casoron, to keep them at bay.

Trim the shrubs 

It’s pretty surprising how quickly bushes and shrubs can appear overgrown. By giving any 40hedges and shrubs a quick trim using basic hedge trimmers. will help your home look clean and well cared for.

Fresh mulch and flowers 

This is the easiest way to make your home appear fresher and brighter. Add a few bags of mulch to flower beds and this will also help keep weeds out. Also, consider planting some annual flowers in the beds or flower pots to make your home feel fresh and inviting.

Lawn care

Simply mowing your lawn weekly, gives the yard a great manicured look but to further improve on this look and the health of your lawn, be sure to kill the moss first before using weed and feed and/or reseeding any patches of lawn that have died over the winter.

Getting ahead of lawn work and exterior cleaning will save you a lot relaxation time this summer. Be sure to get a jump start on it before school’s out for the summer.

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