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Springtime Spruce Up: Indoors

RED_5598Now that you’ve freshened up the exterior of your house, it’s time to give the inside a clean sweep so you are ready for some lazy and relaxing summer days with your family. Here are six deep cleaning tasks that will make your home shine:


There are two different ways to purge. The first is by category. For this method, go through your entire home and purge items based on category (books, toys, clothes, etc.) The second is by room. For this one, just go room by room and bag up whatever needs donating. (Be sure to include hall closets on the room list.) Always be sure to keep one bag for trash and another for give-away. Good Will, the Salvation Army, and other thrift stores will gladly accept your donations. Already your house will feel ten times cleaner.

wp1Windows & Blinds

The downside to having all this beautiful sunshine peer through your windows is it does a wonderful job at highlighting the dust, smear, and hand prints that have suddenly appeared on all the windows. Spend a day cleaning the inside of your windows and give your blinds a good dusting. (Easy tip: take a pair of tongs and wrap each side with a dust rag. Lightly spray the rags with cleaner and pinch each blind and slide across. This will save you a tremendous amount of time.)

Wipe Down Walls, Baseboards, & Doors

Between the dust and pet hair, a lot of dirt and gunk can accumulate on your baseboards. A damp rag (or disinfectant wipes) can go a long way in making your baseboards sparkle. While you’re at it, give your walls and doors a good wipe down too with soap and water or a multi-surface cleaner.

Oven, Microwave, & Fridge

Be honest, how often do you clean these appliances? Since you’re in deep cleaning mode, might as well run the cleaning cycle on your oven (or use oven cleaner to let it soak and clean) and scrub out the microwave. When cleaning your fridge, it doesn’t hurt to check expiration dates to see what condiments have been sitting in there for too long.


We put a lot of things inside our cabinets. This is where we keep our dishes and utensils, our toothbrushes and hair products. They typically seem like “clean” areas of our house but even if you don’t need to get rid of anything inside the cabinets, it’s a good idea to take everything out to give the inside (and outside) of your cabinets a good wipe down with disinfectant or multi-surface cleaner.


Sure you may vacuum every week but that’s like sweeping without ever mopping. Dust and germs can settle into the carpet and need to be steam cleaned out. For this job you can either hire the job out (about $200 depending on the size of your home), buy a steam cleaner of your own (about $200 or more and will last you for years to come), or rent a Rug Doctor or the like from a local department store (about $30).

When you’re done, take a big whiff. Do you smell that? That’s what clean smells like.

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