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SOLD BY SPRING! We Guarantee It!

The Holidays are over, and we have settled into the long gray months of winter but somewhere in the back of your mind you’re thinking about selling your house and marking your time until the bright days of spring arrive and you can plant a FOR SALE sign in your front yard. But why not sell your home NOW and BE in your new digs by spring!

Northwest Home Team in Tumwater, Washington will make that happen… We actually GUARANTEE it! Your car comes with a guarantee, your computer comes with a guarantee, for goodness sake your stereo comes with a guarantee! Shouldn’t one of the biggest, most expensive events in your life come with one too?

We will sell your house in 60 days, or we will sell it for FREE! Not only that… but our actual average of days on the market is only 42 DAYS! So, stop marking the gray days and get ready to move…. Because before the tulips are blooming, we will have your house sold and you’ll be moving into your next home!


*Some conditions apply.

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