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Smells Killing Your Sale?

We’ve all seen the commercial where homeowners have become “Nose Blind” to obvious environmental smells…. For some reason we have become unaware that our house smells like a litter box or dog kennel. There are few things that can kill a potential sell faster pet aroma. It can lower the price of an otherwise perfect listing by upwards of $40,000. So, dear pet owners, before you list your home here are some things you can do to make sure your current home deter people by how it smells.

You might be surprised by how much pet hair your carpet can hold so vacuum, do it again, and for good measure a third time! Use your attachments and get right next the trim around the room, vacuum your draperies, mattresses and in every couch cushion, a pet bed. And if you have slip covers or pillow covers, toss them in the washing machine. It’s amazing what this first step will accomplish.

While you’re working up a sweat with your new best friend, the vacuum, open up all the curtains and windows and let fresh air do its work. Likewise air out your drapery, blankets, bedding, and pet beds.

Once everything is clean and all the visible pet hair has been disposed of, depending on the severity of the problem, you might still need to deodorize, which can be done on a variety of levels
– OZONE GENERATOR – you can purchase an ozone generator on Amazon from $75-250+ which helps eliminate odors from smoke, mold, pets, and food.
– AIR FRESHNERS – you can make the air smell better temporarily but this would be best used prior to a showing or having guests over.
– DEODERIZERS – you can used a vinegar solution or an enzyme cleaner to get those “tough spots” out of your carpet. Need to isolate those though spots? In a dark room, use a hand-held black light to find urine stains.

If you’re still smelling hints of a hamster cage. It’s time to repaint the walls with an odor blocking paint. Potential buyers could easily overlook faint smells if there is a carpet allowance written into your contract.

So don’t be discourage if your love of pets looks like it might put your home in the dog house…. Put in some hard work, get creative, and get it sold!

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