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Lead Generation Strategies Every Agent Should Implement During COVID-1

With the current restrictions in place, such as social distancing, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses are adapting to new tactics for creating and maintaining clients. For real estate agents at Northwest Home Team Realty and others in the industry, lead generation is a top priority. Agents across the country, whether or not stay-at-home orders are in place, will need a new strategy for operating their business during this pandemic.

By utilizing these methods that we have used at Northwest Home Team Realty, real estate agents can develop a strategy to not only keep their business running throughout this crisis, but also set themselves up for success in the future.


Prioritize Your Social Sphere

As many of us are following stay-at-home orders and practicing social distancing, time spent on social media has drastically increased. Businesses across many different industries have turned to the internet, specifically social media, to generate interest and sales. The same should go for agents looking to stay relevant and build business for the current market, as well as to build rapport and relationships.

Add value to your social media channels with up-to-date information regarding not only the virus, but also the current state of your market. Think local by providing your social sphere with updates on restaurant and grocery store hours and delivery policies. Share current safety and health guidelines, as well as local and nationwide news from reputable sources. You can even suggest how they can spend their time, maintain their home and socialize in a time of social distancing.

There are many programs that help agents easily connect with future leads and prospects with real estate, lifestyle and luxury content.

From updates about COVID-19 to at-home entertainment to news about the current real estate market, there is a lot of information to share. Now more than ever, it’s important for agents to engage with their social sphere to keep their business running and remain a resource for their past, current and future clients.

Understand and Utilize Video

In the current climate, it’s unlikely that as many future homebuyers will be willing or able to view or tour homes. It’s vital that as real estate agents, no matter your location, you learn how to use and apply video to your business. Since many will not have the chance to work with professional photographers or videographers during a quarantine, learning how to capture great home photos and videos with your smartphone is key.

Though it may be intimidating for some, virtual tours were becoming more popular even before the current health crisis. Agents have the opportunity to provide homebuyers with a new, interactive experience that allows them to explore a property from the comfort of their own home. This is also a helpful tool for potential clients who are looking to move out of state and are unable to travel at this time.

With a successful virtual tour, you will not only be able to generate more leads and prospects, but also build a reputation for yourself and your business based on adapting in times of crisis, utilizing current technology, and providing necessary resources and solutions in the industry.

Adapt to New Forms of Communication

Whether you need a platform to train your agents (if you have a team) or connect with clients, understanding how to communicate during this time will be very valuable. This is especially important if you run a team of agents or a brokerage and need to have meetings on a regular basis. Programs like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and even FaceTime are available for free, open to anyone who needs virtual communication.

Email is a necessary form of communication that agents should be familiar with. Much of the paperwork that you would normally review and complete in-person will now also be digitized. Though this seems simple, in a time when almost every closing will be done virtually, it can quickly become overwhelming. Thankfully, you can organize your inbox, no matter the email platform you choose, into separate folders for specific clients, locations, back-end business, etc.

By implementing these practices and creating a new lead generation strategy, real estate agents can continue running their business while remaining relevant and helpful to not only their current clients, but also prospects who are looking to purchase a home now or in the future. By ensuring that you stay engaged on social media, keep your tech and video skills up to date, and adapt to a new way of communicating, you can help your real estate business build and maintain success.

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