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Keep Your Floors Clean This Fall

We are officially into the season of pumpkin spice and cozy weather, and believe it or not, it is still a STRONG seller’s Market. You may have heard that term repeatedly without knowing exactly what it means…. So briefly a seller’s market means that the home owner looking to sell their home has the advantage in the negotiation when it comes time to sell. Currently in the Thurston County market that means there are not enough homes for sale to meet the needs of everyone wanting to purchase a home. Often times you will hear people refer to that as low inventory.

So although we are now firmly planted in the fall…. It’s a GREAT TIME TO SELL…. Unless of course, you wondering how your carpets an flooring and going to survive dozens of strangers tromping up your driveway through leaves and mud and snow and dirt. Not to worry! The Northwest Home Team is here to save the day.

Be sure to communicate to your broker that you would prefer potential buyers to please remove their shoes at the door. Most people are very compliant with this request. The drawback is: experts say that you have 20 seconds to make a first impression of your home…. Do you want to waste those precious seconds messing around with wet dirty shoes or impressing them with your cozy home?

Some Realtors will ask that clients place a bootie over their existing shoe. This is a quicker solution for removing shoes in a wet foyer and possibly crowded space and there are SEVERAL gadgets that allow your guests to put them on without having to take a seat. Check out these options for booties:

If you truly want people to feel at home as they walk in your front door, the best thing is to NOT ask them to do anything with their footwear, rather cover your high traffic areas with a self-adhesive carpet cover. It is transparent and can be left in place for a month without causing harm to your flooring. It comes in a variety of widths, is easy to install, and is virtually bullet proof. Not only will this allow potential buyers to simply enjoy the space, but you can rest knowing that regardless of someone following your guidelines or not, you are protecting your floors. Amazon has several options available

So take advantage of this seller’s market, put a plan into action to protect your flooring, and get your house sold Today!

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