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Is Multigenerational Living Right for You?

As people continue to live longer and buying a home as a young adult is becoming increasingly difficult, multigenerational living is becoming more common. Families sharing a living space are reaping several benefits including:
• cheaper living
• shared household responsibilities
• supporting loved
Before you get scared of the idea of having your mother-in-law or your returned college student sharing your home with you, keep reading and see how purchasing a home with a Multigenerational Living Option may be perfect for you.

Room Conversion
This is often the simplest option for a mother-in-law suite. This will allow your relative to have his or her own enclosed space within the home. However, they will share the kitchen and bathroom with the rest of the house. It may be possible to remove some walls and combine two smaller rooms to make one larger more accommodating space. If the home has a basement or den, these spaces can also be converted to a special room for relatives.

Attached Suite
Another more private option is a room with attached bathroom and a small kitchenette. Your Northwest Home Team Realtor can help by showing you homes that already have a suite attached, but they can also help you by showing you options where a simple remodel or update can bring the functionality that you are seeking.
Freestanding Suite
If possible, a great long-term solution to multigenerational housing is purchasing a home with an existing freestanding suite, separate from the house. This guesthouse can include a bathroom, small kitchenette and even their own AC unit. This allows the relative the most amount of privacy with the convenience of still living with the family.

Additional Income Possibility
A freestanding suite may also provide you with rental income if it isn’t being occupied by your family.

Call the Northwest Home Team in Tumwater, WA today to get a private viewing of these homes with a attached dwelling unit.


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