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How to Start a Compost Bin

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It’s nearly Fall. The leaves are starting to change colors and, before we know it, will begin to fall and the yards will need raking and the gutters will need cleaning. Which means it’s the perfect time to consider composting. Now before you start feeling overwhelmed about having one more thing to do, understand that it’s not as hard as it seems. Here are easy steps to get you started on a compost bin.

1. Purchase a bin. These can be found at your local home improvement store and are typically around $100. The best place to put a compost bin is in the shade and near a water spout.

Images courtesy Google images

2. Get the base started. The base can be made of – you guessed it – all those beautiful leaves we’ll be raking up in our yards in the coming weeks. The base can also include sawdust, twigs, shredded newspaper, coffee filters. Anything biodegradable. Your compost bin is ready.

3. Add some greens. This is all your fruit peels, pits, cores and rinds. Also can include grass clippings, hair and lint from the dryer and egg shells. Adding greens to your compost bin encourages nitrogen production. (Be sure to NOT add pet waste, dairy products, meat, or oil.)

4. Add water. This encourages the breakdown of the contents of the bin. Then wait.

5. Use it. In just a few months your compost will be ready to use. Sprinkle it on your yard to make it greener, use it to plant flowers or a vegetable garden. (Note the best compost is found at the bottom of the bin, which is why many compost bins have little doors on the bottom. This is something to consider when purchasing a bin.)

Sounds easy enough, right? Not only will having a compost bin help your family cut down on waste and ultimately save money, your Spring-self that is ready for planting will thank you.

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