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HELP! Everything is selling so FAST!

For years we have heard about the failing real estate market, but now the tides are changing, and homes are selling within hours of hitting the market. Some sellers are even starting to experience bidding wars! So, what do you, the buyer, do to nab the home of your dreams before another buyer swoops in and buys it before you do?

Other than the obvious, “GET GOING,” we have THREE GETS YOU’RE GOING TO NEED:
1) GET a Realtor
2) GET Prequalified
3) GET Ready

It might seem obvious that you need a Realtor, but an excellent Realtor, like the brokers at Northwest Home Team Realty in Tumwater, WA, does more than show you available homes and write a contract. Realtors are in constant contact with their clients and many times, they know about listings before they come on the market. What does that mean for you, a potential buyer? More than you know! Brokers are excellent at chatting with other Realtors.  At NWHT our brokers meet every week and talk about what their clients are looking for and the listing that they have coming on the market, so when the FOR SALE sign goes up, you can be one of the first through the door. But if you don’t have a buyer’s agent working for you, you’re already a step behind.

Unless you have enough cash on hand to buy a home, before you can make an offer to a seller, you must have the funding behind you. Getting prequalified isn’t necessarily difficult, but it can take a little time to get the right bank statements, proof of income, and other paperwork necessary to qualify for a mortgage, and in a market where homes are going from FOR SALE to SOLD in hours, time isn’t always your friend. So, being prequalified can be the determining factor in you getting the home you want.

Unless you are a first-time home buyer, you need to Get Ready to List! That means starting to stage your own home, get repairs made, and get ready for the next stage in your journey. It’s scary, but it’s exciting! So GET A REALTOR, GET PREQULIFIED, AND GET READY, because in today’s market it’s going to happen FAST!

All the brokers at Northwest Home Team Realty are equipped to help you get exactly what you need and want in your next home as soon as it hits the market. So, call us today at 360.529.0992 and start this exciting adventure.


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