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From The Broker’s Desk

When my husband, Steve Poulos, and I opened Northwest Home Team Realty, we set out for a new outlook and new structure in the real estate market. We wanted to be different from the norm from how we treat clients and to the services we offer.

We also wanted to take a different approach when we hired our Real Estate Brokers. One big part of that was training. Many brokers get their real estate license, hang their license at a brokerage firm and then have no idea what to do next. And to be honest, with nearly 16 years of real estate experience, I can say that real estate is one of the hardest professions to execute. Let alone be successful. So, when we interviewed and hired brokers, we told them that we would make a commitment to them to train them and show them how to successfully build their own business.

At Northwest Home Team, we have extensive online training interactive videos and manuals on how to get started. We also put them through a 30-60-90 day checklist.

But I took it one more step and offered a Buyer Certification and Seller Certification to our brokers. It’s a six-week intensive course that each of our agents do. Part of the course is me instructing on how to negotiate, how to write offers, what to do when selling a house buying a house. Every week there is a test and attendance is mandatory. It’s a hard course!

Our brokers are also required to practice phone conversations and scripts in front of the entire class. For their final, they give a presentation to the class. They even are required to read books and write a report on it.

Our goal is to set our brokers up for success once they step out into the market. We also want our brokers to treat our clients a certain way. So that every client that walks through our door gets the same experience no matter who they are using. We want superior and top-notch customer service.

I just completed the six-week Seller certification class and pinned each of my brokers for completing the class. Not only do they get a lapel pin to wear but they also get certain privileges in our office. Privileges of floor time, customer lists and even closing gifts for customers. We feel that once an agent has successfully completed this course, they are masters at real estate.

Northwest Home Team is all about doing things better. Doing it right and going the extra mile. Not just for our clients but for our brokers.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our seller or buyer certification classes, contact me directly. I’d love to hear from you.

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