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FIRST, Break All the Rules. THEN, Sell Your House

It’s winter in the Northwest, and we all know that means it’s rainy, muddy, and dark by four o’clock, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to get your home sold.  Don’t run from winter and the holidays, embrace them and go for SOLD!

Many Realtors will tell you this is the hardest time of year to sell your house, and that’s where the Northwest Home Team differs, we break the rules! When a buyer walks into a home they are looking for more than a great neighborhood or floor plan, they want it to “feel” right, they are looking for an experience, and what better time of year to offer that warm fuzzy feeling than the holidays? So don’t give into all those articles and voices of realtors that tell you to avoid the lights, and garland and the tree, rather use them to draw buyers into your home and let them see how wonderful their next holiday could be in this space.
So, how do you get ready for the holidays while your house is on the market? Check out these simple suggestions and hopefully you’ll be celebrating a great offer in no time!

Keep it tasteful – Try to stay somewhere on the scale between the Griswold’s on Christmas Vacation and the Grinch. It’s easy to go overboard with the lights and tinsel, just remember that buyers want to be able to see themselves living in your space, and sometimes the tree topper made from macaroni and gold spray paint created in third grade art class is a little hard to see past.

  1. Keep the outside classy with using lights that highlight a great tree in the yard or a beautiful architectural feature. Keep them neat and straight, and make sure all the bulbs are in working order.
  2. Make the inside warm and inviting. Not every keepsake has to be on display this year, you still want to have clean table top surfaces, and be mindful of the clutter. An easy way to do this is to use more neutral colors in your decorating this year. Rather than bold reds and greens, try white with metallic accents.

Be mindful of space – You know how it goes…. they tree comes in the house and that means the couches move and the chair goes into the basement for the next month. Buyers still want to feel that they are getting the most home that they can.

  1. This year instead of getting a tree that eats the entire living space, you might opt for an artificial tree that is still nice and tall and grand but is narrow, so the rooms still looks large, inviting, and like a great place to celebrate with enough room for your guests.
  2. Remember, you don’t get too many “emergency showings” so when you have one scheduled, it’s okay to tuck a few pieces away before potential buyers come over.

Employ their senses – Nostalgia can really be on your side this holiday season… so amp it up a little bit and draw them into your home. After all, next Christmas it could be them in this space, so help them imagine that!

  1. Can you smell that? If you have an artificial tree, scented wax burners can help bring the scent of fresh evergreen foliage and a dab of vanilla extract on the top of a couple light bulbs makes it smell like cookies just came out of the over.
  2. Can you see that? If you don’t feel comfortable leaving seasonal lights on when you’re not home, leave a note for brokers as to where the switches are so they can turn on the lights. A little sparkle of festive lighting goes a long way to making clients feel the magic.
  3. Can you taste that? Try leaving a plate of cookies on a coffee table near your tree or fireplace with a note that reads, “Next year you could be leaving the cookies for Santa. Enjoy!” Who doesn’t enjoy a little snack to break up all the hard work of looking for the perfect place to call home?
  4. Can you say this? The holidays are a busy time for everyone, but try telling your broker you’d like to host a holiday themed Open House. Play music gently, leave a spread of cookies and hot cider for guests, and welcome potential buyers in…with a little Christmas Magic, they just might want to stay!

Happy Holidays to you and yours and hopefully these tips will take you from SELLING to SOLD!

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