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Buyers Want More Space & Views

According to a study done by economists at “14 to 23 million Americans are planning to move as a result of remote work, that is up to 4 times the normal amount of people that move in any given year.” Sociologists are anticipating such a population shift that it is being called a migration.

Who is moving?
City dwellers are no longer anchored to their workplace’s physical location and they are on the search for more space and lower prices, which 54% are finding within a two to four hour drive of their office. The State of Hawaii is even providing FREE travel vouchers to Honolulu for workers to call their state home for the next four months.

What are they looking for?
Cities are popular for several reasons, the main one being convenience. People like to live close to where they work. However, the pandemic has opened our eyes to the fact the working from home is more than just a possibility, it’s a reality and it’s working for the masses. In fact, many businesses are realizing that they will probably work from home long after the pandemic is over. Which means that the convenience factor of living within the city is minimized and people are looking for homes that:
Have space – both inside and out
Have a view – waterfront and mountain settings are both very popular in Western Washington
Have better weather – a 4-hour drive brings a totally different weather pattern
Have a better cost of living – City folk are finding they can have space and a view for less money than their dull and cramped city location had

What does this mean for you?
Because Thurston county falls within that window of a city dweller’s ideal new home area and we also have space and breathtaking views, homes for sale in Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater are selling quickly and for top dollar. Even during the months of November and December which are traditionally slower months in real estate we are seeing bidding wars, homes selling within hours of hitting the market, all cash buyers, and even people trying to sweeten the deal by waving inspections. What all this means to you is there is no need to wait until spring or summer to sell. Now is the time to contact Northwest Home Team Realty to find out how much your home could sell for!

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