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BUYERS: Take Advantage of the Winter Months!

It is official, winter has begun, and here in the Great Northwest, that means now, during the shortest days of the year, we have about eight hours of daylight. You can safely say that it’s pretty much the “off-season” for everything, including buying real estate. But that also means that if you are an astute bargain shopper, it’s one of the best times of year to buy real estate!  

Here are five reasons why it’s prime time to be a buyer: 

The Off Season is Cheaper
Did you know that about 40% of the homes sold each year sell during May through August? Therefore, it stands to reason that in order to sell your home during the other eight months, you might have to make some concessions to buyers like price. 

Room For Negotiation
Houses listed during the off season have a tendency to be on the market longer and so when an offer does come to the table, they are usually more willing to negotiate a price. 

Buyer’s Focus is Narrowed
Sometimes when a buyer is presented with too many choices, it causes them to become indecisive. And so when inventory is low, and the focus of buyers is narrowed it helps make for a quicker decision. 

The Spotilight is on the Buyer
During the busy season everyone is vying for the seller’s attention. Right now, you have the attention of mortgage brokers, title companies, and brokers. So take advantage of this because they will be working for you finding the best rates, homes, prices, and closing times. 

Deals Are Easier to Find
During this time of year, homes aren’t the only thing that can be found for a bargain. Retailers are also offering bargains on big ticket items such as: appliances, furnishings, and lawn equipment. Sellers can upgrade items in their house passing the savings on to you… or you can upgrade after closing for deep discounts yourself. 

So, whether buying or selling, be sure to take care of discounts that the off season has to offer you and now that the new year is quickly approaching, it might be the perfect time to be planning your next move! Because remember…. if you buy NOW, you’ll be just in time for spring in your new place! 

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