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5 Tips for Selling This Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s home selling season and everyone knows it! That means the market is about to flood with homes for sale. So, we have compiled five tips to help you get top dollar for your home in the shortest amount of time. And as always, we guarantee to sell you house in 60 days of less or we will sell it for FREE!

TIP ONE: Work With A Realtor That Makes You MORE MONEY.

The commission you pay to your agent shouldn’t cost you money.  You should look at is as a fee you pay to get extra money on the sale of your house, and that is our goal at Northwest Home Team Realty — we want you to get TOP DOLLAR for your home. It’s frustrating and off-putting to see a listing on the MLS with poor grammar, missing information, or lousy photos. You only make a first impression once and usually that is online. That’s why we put our money where our mouth is by having a full-time listing coordinator, full-time in-house marketing professional, hire a professional photographer to capture your home at it’s very best, and get your home the most exposure possible through social media exposure, online advertising, search engine optimization, direct mailers, and remarketing techniques.

Our number one goal is to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, and we believe in ourselves enough to put their own money and time on the line to provide these services.

TIP TWO: Know The Difference Between a Renovation and a Facelift.

The feel of a home is very personal and reflects the people who live there. For instance, you may look at your kitchen and think it needs a major update from replacing the Formica counters to the vintage cabinets. However, what happens if the potential buyer really wanted a modern clean look and you went with French Country. Rather than investing $50,000 on a renovation, why not give it a $500 face lift and let the price of the home reflect that and let the buyer update the kitchen exactly how they want it.

What does a facelift entail?

  • A very deep clean (consider hiring a professional)
  • Remove Personal Items
  • Remove clutter
  • A fresh coat of neutral colored paint
  • Perhaps updating some of the hardware or fixtures

TIP THREE: Create Great First Impressions

Buyers form THREE FIRST and LASTING impression of your home within eight seconds, so make the lasting impression the best that it can be, it may be what convinces them this is their new place.

    We handle your first impression online by hiring a professional photography who gives the images to our graphic designer and marketing team that create a cohesive online package that includes web sites, brochures, social media and other paid advertising.
    Once again, no need to spend a fortune, often the best investment in curb appeal is elbow grease. Make sure that your lawn is manicured, and the garden beds are weed free. If you really want to stand out from the competition, here are three LOW COST, HIGH IMPACT projects you could accomplish in a single weekend

    1. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint — it’s like putting on fresh lip stick before a date or job interview
    2. Replace the street numbers on your house – think of it like fresh jewelry for a special occasion
    3. Replace your mailbox, especially if it’s attached to your home.
    Remember, eight seconds is all it takes to for a potential buyer to want to see more or want to turn around. You want to address:

    1. Sight: Is it clean, uncluttered, and welcoming
    2. Sound: When you leave before a showing leave some soft music playing. Silence is awkward, sound can be welcoming. Think of muzac from the dentist’s office.
    3. Smell: You don’t want to smell last night dinner, pets, or dirty diapers. An easy trick for a warm welcoming smell is to dab the top of lightbulbs with a little vanilla extract. The heat from the light bulbs makes it smell like cookies are baking… and who doesn’t love that aroma!

TIP FOUR: Set The Price of Your Home Right the FIRST Time.

Nothing is more frustrating that having your home overpriced and sitting on the market for months on end. Our team of experienced and professional realtors will help you set the perfect the price to get you TOP DOLLAR as quickly as possible. In fact, we are so sure of ourselves that we promise to sell your house in 60 days or less or we will sell it for free.

TIP FIVE: Find out what your home is worth. It’s free. It’s fast. It’s right here.


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