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Monthly Archives: September 2015

    How to Clean Your Gutters

    By Caitlin Moss | September 13, 2015

    Happy Fall, y’all! And just like that we all get to send our little children off to school, lives get busier, the evenings get darker, the wind blows colder and, here in the great Pacific Northwest, the rain falls harder. This means it’s time to clean your gutters. Before you groan about the impending task,... Read More

    What to Expect During the Mortgage Approval and Transaction Process

    By Caitlin Moss | September 5, 2015

    Image Courtesy: Google Images Sometimes the most intimidating process of buying is home is just that: the “buying” part. Most people can pick out what they want in a house: what neighborhood they’d like to live in, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size, and era of the home. Actually getting approved for a mortgage,... Read More