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2 Best Questions Answered

Your home is most likely your most significant investment, not only financially, but also emotionally and when it comes time to sell there are hours of thought, worry, debate and research go into the decision:

  • Do we really need to upsize/downsize?
  • Is this the right time of year?
  • Can we afford a new home?
  • Is it better to update and remodel?
  • Can we get enough money out of this sale to make it worth it?
  • Who do we use to list our home?
  • How long will it be on the market?

All these questions and more are important to have answered, and we at Northwest Home Team Realty are committed to helping you answer those to the best of our ability. However, there are two questions in particular that always seem to come up:

  1. How much can we sell for?

  2. How long will it be on the market?

Although there isn’t a unilateral answer for those questions, we make it our goal to


And the best thing about this statement is that it isn’t just wishful thinking or propaganda, we have statistics to back it up!*

  • We guarantee to sell you house in 60 days or less, but over the past year, our median days on the market is only 23 days!
  • In Thurston County, the median house price sells for $339,000, and the Northwest Home Team sells homes for an average 100.6% of the asking price which pencils out to $2,034 more money in your pocket.

Although we may not be able to answer all of your pertinent questions, we can and do guarantee to sell you home in 60 days or less AND on average get your more money! So don’t wait to take advantage of these great numbers get started today! Call our Sales Hotline at 360.529.0992 and let us know you’re ready to get started!


*Statistics are pulled from the NWMLS InfoSparks



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