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13 Tips to Make Moving Easier


Whether you’re getting ready to move within the next 60 days or within the next year, here are some quick tips that will help you prepare and pack for a big move.

  1. Make a list. This will give you piece of mind, keep you organized and help you make sure you don’t forget anything. The list should include what rooms need to be packed (don’t forget the attic, basement, and shed), what needs to be given away, and what needs to be sold.
  2. 6 weeks before moving, start purging. Go through the house, room by room and determine what needs to be donated, sold, or thrown out. A moving sale should be done at least one month before the move.
  3. Pack an overnight bag. Think toilet paper and paper plates. When packing the kitchen it does help to have at least one box full of everyday items so you aren’t completely out of commission when you move in.
  4. Pack the most essential items in clear plastic bins. For easy access, of course.
  5. Take pictures of how electronics are plugged in to ensure easy set up in the new house.
  6. Use drawers. This is a great place to add decorations, dishes – essentially anything that you can fit in them. The clothing will help keep anything from breaking and using the drawers will help you from wasting space in extra boxes. You can also use press and seal plastic wrap to keep your items from shifting too much during the move. (Press and seal plastic wrap is also a great way to keep jewelry from getting tangled.)
  7. Keep all the parts and pieces of everything organized. Keep screws, etc. in a plastic bag when taking furniture apart, then tape the bag to the furniture pieces. The same can be done for wires and extension chords for electronics.
  8. Wrap breakables in clothing and dishtowels. This will save you on bubble wrap and space.
  9. Label boxes with the items that are inside and also what room they need to be in.
  10. If you are taking your refrigerator, defrost it at least 24 hours prior and wipe out the liquid before transporting. Otherwise, it will stink.
  11. If you have very fragile or valuable items consider hiring a mover. Most movers come with insurance so if they break or damage something, they’ll take care of it. That way you don’t have to spend extra money and your friends who helped you move don’t feel bad for breaking your piano.
  12. Be a good friend. If you do ask friends to help you move, be sure to have everything packed and ready to transfer to the moving truck. This will make everything easy and help you keep your friends.
  13. Consider hiring a cleaner in the new house. This way you’ll know you’re moving your stuff into a clean space. Or if you’d rather do it yourself, make sure to pack a box of cleaning supplies ready for when you arrive at the new place.


Happy moving!

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