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13 Hidden Costs to Avoid

Buying a home, especially your FIRST home is one of the most exciting adventures! But it seems like there are potential traps and pitfalls that can sideline or even bring that dream to a screeching halt all along the way. However, when you work with Northwest Home Team Realty in Tumwater, WA, your Realtor walks you carefully through the process helping you avoid those hidden traps like hidden fees, deposits, and taxes.

Our Realtors not only help you along the process but work hard to either get those hidden fees reduced, removed altogether, or wrapped into the closing costs of the contract so you don’t have any surprise cash payouts or requirements.

We have put together 13 of the most common costs that you need to be aware of and talk to your Realtor about.

For example: have you thought about how much money to put aside for appraisal fees, survey fees, or transfer taxes? Don’t let this scare you however, we will help you minimize those costs and help you navigate potential traps and help you achieve the dream of owning your own home.

Get a list of all 13 potential traps by checking out this comprehensive checklist.

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