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Activities To Do Around Olympia, WA



Olympia is one of the smallest capital cities in the country, but it’s quickly growing in popularity due to its pleasant atmosphere, proximity to Seattle, and low cost of living. Olympia’s climate encourages people to enjoy the outdoors. With its mild climate it’s no wonder Olympia is the perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors. With a short drive to either the Cascades or the Olympics, hiking and skiing are among the major outdoor activities in and around the South Puget Sound. Not a skier? Don’t worry Olympia offers a wide range of activities downtown. From the hands on Children’s museum to the Nisqually wildlife refuge, you can still get a taste of the outdoors. Olympia also boasts many local restaurants as well as downtown boutiques and The Capitol Mall shopping center.


  • THE SCHOOLS IN OLYMPIA: Olympia Washington has a very engaged and educated community that is taken care of by a well-supported education system. So no need to worry about where you want to send your kids for school.
  • THE WEATHER AND CLIMATE IN OLYMPIA: Olympia has light winters and beautiful warm summers that offer the full experience of the Pacific Northwest. It gets an average of 48 inches of rain and 8 inches of snow per year. It is not always rainy in Olympia just because it is near a body of water. Olympia Washington also experiences summer days and it usually during July at around 76 degrees. It has about 136 sunny days all year round.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY IN OLYMPIA: Nothing is more comfortable than living in a place where you can get a good night sleep. The City government of Olympia truly makes sure that public safety is the main priority. And this is through partnering with different organizations and launching effective community programs. Above all, the government and the residents work together to make the city a safer place to live in.
  • THINGS TO DO IN OLYMPIA: The most exciting part of living in Olympia Washington is getting around the city. There are many attractions, not only for tourists but also to residents, that the city has to offer. If you love nature and want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city life, it is easy to make a getaway to one of our 40 public parks to get in touch with nature and enjoy recreational activities. Olympia has strategic access to the main Interstate 5 freeway and puts you within two hours or less of regional attractions such as Snoqualmie pass and Ocean Shores. Also, the forests offer woods this with large leaf maple trees and gigantic Douglas firs. Olympia Washington is rich with Native American history and a lot of the parks will lead you to beaches where native tribes once met. Moreover, the rivers are rich with salmon and return to 5th Ave bridge yearly to run the ladder